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Malla Vivolin (b. 1982) is a flutist, pedagogue and an occasional columnist based in Tampere, Finland. She's particularly fond of performing on different doubling instruments, and as the flutist for Grammy award winning (2024) Uusinta Ensemble she's collect quite a list of them to date, ranging from the bass flute to various electrical cords. She has gained a Licentiate degree in Artistic research from her alma mater University of Arts's Sibelius Academy, with her artistic part of the degree graded "with distinction".

Vivolin has held the co-principal flute chair in Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra since 2016 and is currently a faculty member at the Tampere Universities School of Applied Science's Music Department teaching flute majors and coaching the orchestral academy. Her writings have been published in several professional and academic magazines and publications.


Over the years, she has received generous support for her projects, studies and purchases from Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kordelin Foundation, Pro Musica, Wihuri foundation, Taike and Martin Wegelius Trust  and many others.

Vivolin performs on a Haynes flutes 5%/14k flute with 14k/18k head or Mancke olive wood head, a Kotato & Fukushima silver alto flute, Mancke/Hammig cocus piccolo and Altus bass flute.


Kuva: Lea Antola 2021

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